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September 19 – 21, 2017
Boston, USA

Pre Conference Bootcamp
Tuesday September 19, 2017

09.00 - 17.00

Workshop Leader: Nataraj Dasgupta, VP, Advanced Analytics, RxDataScience Inc.


Data Science in Pharma – A Bootcamp on Getting into the Core of Analytics

Join us for this one-day detailed and focused crash course on Data Science, Big Data and Machine Learning in Pharma and on how you can apply it in your day-to-day work.

You will be able to learn from a leading data science expert on the fundamentals of Machine Learning and real-world use cases in pharma and healthcare with hands-on and practical examples. This session will be rich in interaction, debate and learning opportunities, with extensive considerations ranging from management strategies to technical proficiency for making your big data analytics initiative a success. You will leave inspired to differentiate your pharma analytics projects and get an edge over competitors by using tools and techniques from other industry verticals.

The key topics to be addressed and thoroughly discussed at this bootcamp are:

  • Big Data applications in Pharma & Healthcare
  • Machine Learning in Pharma & Healthcare
  • Real-World Data Science Use Cases in Pharma
  • How to supercharge your pharma analytics using Data Science
  • Pharma Industry & Management Perspective on Data Science
  • Exploration of unmet needs in Pharma and how to use Data Science to solve them

Nataraj Dasgupta, VP, Advanced Analytics, RxDataScience Inc.

Nataraj is the Vice President of Advanced Analytics at RxDataScience Inc. . Prior to his current role, he led the Data Science division at Purdue Pharma, L.P. and was responsible for the design, development and architecture of Purdue’s award-winning Big Data and Machine Learning Platform.

Nataraj has been in the IT industry for more than 19 years and has worked in the technology divisions of Philip Morris, IBM, UBS Investment Bank and Purdue Pharma. At UBS, Nataraj held the role of Associate Director working with High Frequency & Algorithmic Trading technologies used by investment banks and hedge funds on Wall St and other financial centers across the world. The finance industry has been implementing “Big Data” systems for many decades and has had a mature set of tools that has permitted traders and quants to analyse large volumes of trading-related data in the order of milliseconds. Despite Pharma’s ubiquitous reliance on more traditional enterprise systems, Nataraj and the Systems Development & Analytics group led by Sayee Natarajan, chose to instead leverage technologies that were exclusively used in the financial domain and never before in a healthcare setting to analyse terabyte-scale medical and pharmaceutical datasets.

The effort led to a radically simple platform built using trading specific tools which were less expensive than conventional “Big Data” platforms, yet orders of magnitude faster in data processing capabilities facilitating tasks to complete in seconds compared to days in the existing and more popular Pharma enterprise systems. The platform received a wide recognition as one of the most advanced big data solutions for healthcare and led to several awards, including the recognition of Purdue Pharma as one of the top 25 most innovative technological divisions in the US by Information Week. In 2016, investors from Wall Street and the City of London provided funding for a new startup, RxDataScience Inc. responsible of introducing the capabilities of this unique architecture to the broader healthcare industry.