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September 19 – 21, 2017

Boston, USA

Effectively Leverage Real-World Evidence for Better Guidance & Improved Decision-Making Across Drug Life Cycle Management

As the pharmaceutical industry continuously craves for innovative approaches to obtain better commercial results, real-world evidence and analytics have been crucial in pushing for better and more meaningful insights, enhanced value generation and improved outcomes.

The 5th annual Real-World Analytics Summit (formerly known as Advanced Pharma Analytics Summit) will reveal the latest insights and share technical case studies on how to harness RWE and analytics to optimize late-stage decision making and commercial strategies.

Join fellow experts within the Real-World Analytics community to fully realize and extract the right value and insight you need from real-world evidence – from late-stage clinical development through post-launch and post-market considerations.

Practical takeaways from this meeting will enable you to optimize health economics, market access, pricing and reimbursement strategies that evolve into value-generating opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

Download the Full Event Guide for more information.

"This is a great event! Something that provides a much needed direction to the Big Data community."

- Sanofi

"It was a very helpful meeting and I was glad to share some of our current methods of data analytics with the others present at the occasion."

-Purdue Pharma

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Full Event Guide
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