September 26 – 27, 2018
Boston, USA

Join IMPACCT: RWE – Meet leading experts and innovators in real-world data and evidence in drug development

Specifically focused on how RWE can be and is being applied across the drug development continuum to support decision-making in clinical development, drug marketing and commercialization stages, this meeting will gather again the leading experts and innovators in this space for a collaborative conversation ultimately aiming to benefit patients by generating value-based outcomes that translate into clinically meaningful effects in the real world.

Are you actively invested in leveraging evidence to support drug development and commercialization? Then this is the time to get involved in this discussion forum.

Amidst a paradigm transformation from a strategic, clinical and regulatory standpoint, your input is crucial. Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • learn from the leading experts and innovators
  • showcase your own learnings
  • contribute to advance the ‘impacct’ of RWE in drug development, patient-centricity, and drug life-cycle management

Take a look at the preliminary agenda to view confirmed speakers.

"This is a great event! Something that provides a much needed direction to the Big Data community."

- Sanofi

"It was a very helpful meeting and I was glad to share some of our current methods of data analytics with the others present at the occasion."

-Purdue Pharma